Chino CA Children's Dentist Shares Why Teeth are So Wonderful!

Since we are spending Thanksgiving discussing the reasons we are thankful, it seems appropriate we talk about the teeth.  Our Chino CA children's dentist shares five amazing reasons we should have gratitude for our teeth.


Hard Work

Every day, our teeth break down three meals a day and plenty of snacks. Each time a bite is taken, the mouth chews at a rate of 10 times. That means your mouth works at about 10,000 bites per meal which is 30,000 chews per day. That’s a lot of work for our little teeth!


Cheese and Wine

Let's take a minute and be grateful that cheese and wine aren’t always bad for the teeth! Of all the things we need to avoid to keep our mouths healthy, we are glad this duo isn’t included. In fact, it’s recommended that we combine these two for the benefit of our smile.


Low Maintenance

Despite feeling like we are always caring for our teeth, the average person will only spend about 38 days of their entire life brushing teeth. That seems like a small price to pay to have healthy, white and vibrant teeth.



Teeth are orderly. They come into the mouth in a particular order and then fall out in another pattern. They tend to emerge around certain ages and have a dedicated spot in the mouth they know is theirs. This time of year, we thank them for being orderly and punctual.



Without teeth, smiles wouldn’t be so uplifting. In fact, did you know that children can smile 400 times a day? That’s a beautiful sight to see and always brightens the day! Now, we just need to work on why adults only smile on average of 20 times per day!


Show Your Thanks

The best way you can say thanks to your teeth is to take care of them. Brush twice a day, floss once and be sure to schedule the whole family's appointment with our Chino CA children's dentist on a regular basis. They’ve always worked hard for you - appreciate them in return. Take the time to help them to remain healthy and strong for many more years to come!

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