Rialto, CA Children’s Dentist Shares Brushing Tips

Does it ever feel like kids want to do everything possible to become unhealthy? You try to get them to eat their vegetables, clean behind the ears and brush their teeth, but they fight you all the way. Maybe tooth brushing has gotten a bad rap because it has to do with bedtime. While the cause of the resistance is unknown, we are here to help with our five best tips.
Make a Game of It
Kids are competitive by nature and they love the thought of winning something. Create a fun game that lets them win the task of cleaning their teeth. Chances are they’ll look forward to doing it every day.
Grab an Electric Toothbrush
Sometimes an electric toothbrush helps children that experience frustration over brushing their teeth. Not only is it cool and techie, but it will also brush their teeth effectively if used right. 
Educate them
It’s important that children understand why they need to care for their teeth. Show them pictures of tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease. You could also speak to them regarding the pain and discomfort someone with these ailments suffers from.
Give Them Options
Kids like to feel like they have power over something. Let them pick their own toothpaste, floss and other dental needs. You could also consider letting them pick out small prizes for doing a good job brushing. 
Brush with Them
The easiest way to teach children is to be a good example to them. When you are brushing and flossing, invite your children to join you. Seeing you care for your teeth might be all the motivation they need to do a good job.
Now you have our five best ways to motivate young children to care for their teeth. Developing a solid routine while they are young sets them up on the best course of life. By making their oral hygiene important now, you teach them that maintaining a healthy, white smile has value. For more tips and tricks, be sure to talk to the Rialto, CA children's dentist about your child’s situation.
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