It is recommended that you have your teeth cleaned twice a year.  If you are not visiting your dentist regularly, you are missing out on the benefits to your teeth and gums.  Dental cleanings are imperative to maintaining a healthy mouth and are absolutely a necessity.
Yes, it’s true, you may not enjoy visiting your dentist.  You may even prolong the time between appointments as long as possible.  That will generally end up with bleeding or sore gums and cause serious oral issues in the future.
If you want to minimize the discomfort during a dental cleaning, it is important that you visit twice a year.  Let’s discuss why you must ensure you are attending your regular cleanings.


Why Do I Need Dental Cleanings? 

Have you heard the word plaque?  There is no toothpaste on the market that can remove the build-up of plaque on your teeth.  There is also nothing you will find that can entirely prevent plaque from forming on your teeth, even though you can take steps to reduce it.
Plaque is hard deposits where the natural bacteria of your mouth lives.  It feeds on sugar particles leftover in the mouth by the food and drinks you’ve consumed.  It leads to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease, otherwise known as gingivitis.
At a routine dental cleaning, the dentist or dental hygienist will use special tools that can eradicate plaque from your teeth.  They can even get deep under the gum line where you can’t see, but plaque likes to hide.  When you don’t accomplish this twice a year, you set yourself up for dental issues in the very near future.

How Can I Make Dental Cleanings Easier? 

Keeping your bi-annual dental cleaning appointments is imperative to keeping a healthy smile.  When you prolong these visits, you are creating more plaque for the hygienist to remove.  The longer you go, the more plaque there is to deal with.  
Here are a few tips that will make your appointments easier: 
- Brush after every meal  for at least two minutes at a time
- Rinse with an anti-plaque mouth rinse after brushing 
- Floss twice a day for optimal results 
If you are still suffering from an abundance of plaque at your bi-annual visits, be sure you speak with your Chino, CA dentist about other options.
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