Rialto, CA Dentist Discusses Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Most people have never heard of cracked tooth syndrome unless they have had it happen to them. Cracked tooth syndrome is a minor condition in which a crack in the tooth is too small to see with the naked eye or can be under the gums and therefore hard to detect with a visual exam. The most common tooth for the condition to appear in the molars. 
The first sign of cracked tooth syndrome is an uncomfortable sensation in your tooth when biting into food or chewing gum. Sensitivity to hot and cold or sweet foods is often also an early indicator of cracked tooth syndrome. The pain or discomfort is not constant like it is with tooth decay or an abscess tooth. 
Causes and Treatment
Cracked tooth syndrome can happen for many different reasons. People who grind their teeth or have undergone root canals are at a higher risk for teeth cracking in general. Sometimes alignment of the teeth and jaw can cause cracked tooth syndrome and teeth with large fillings in them are also more susceptible to cracked tooth syndrome. 
Treatment for cracked tooth syndrome include many common dental procedures such as bonding, room canals, crowns, veneers, and in extreme cases-extraction. Treatment depends on severity and location of the crack on the tooth. The size of the crack and where the tooth is in the mouth along with any other preexisting oral health issues will be considered when developing your treatment plan. 
The only way to take preventative measures against cracked tooth syndrome is to talk to your dentist about treatment for teeth grinding or clenching. Be aware of when you may be clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth during your waking hours. You may be referred to counseling services to help break habits or manage stress better. 
Cracked tooth syndrome can lead to teeth breaking off or chipping and allows for bacteria to get under the surface of the tooth which can lead to cavities and decay. Call your Rialto, CA dentist today if you feel there may be a crack in your tooth at (909) 877-2000.
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