Rialto, CA Dentist Discusses Effects of Treatment

Going through cancer treatment is a hard thing for anyone to go through. A diagnosis can be a big pill to swallow and not only will it affect us, but it also affects those around us. There will be a lot of new information to learn about your own disease and very often, dental care takes a back seat.
However, many people do not know that treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy can wreak havoc on our oral health. When a patient already has an existing dental problem such as a cavity, abscess or even just gingivitis, the infection can often become worse during radiation or chemotherapy treatments.
The side effects of a dental treatment during cancer treatment can be uncomfortable, but there are a few ways to try and minimize them.
Medication – Your doctor or dentist can provide specific medication that can help ease discomfort and prevent sores from getting worse. Your health care provider may also prescribe that you take pain medications such as Tylenol. There are also medications that can help with dry mouth, which is often associated with cancer treatments.
Working with your health care providers – It is important that you work with your dentist and oncologist during your treatment. By talking to them about any problems or issues you might have, they will be able to help keep you as comfortable as possible during any type of dental procedures.
Proper oral hygiene – It is also important to continue with your daily oral health routine unless told otherwise by your doctor or Rialto, CA dentist. Using a toothpaste that contains fluoride can help restore any minerals that may be lost during cancer treatment. If your gums are sore or start to bleed, try to avoid those areas, but do to gently brush and floss your remaining teeth.
Hydration – Keeping your body properly hydrated can help ease some symptoms of cancer treatment such as dry mouth. Staying hydrated is also vital to your overall health.
Avoid certain foods – Spicy foods or anything that contain a high level of acids, might not be a good idea during treatment. These foods can irritate any sores that you may have, and cause wear to your teeth. It is also recommended to avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverage as they tend to promote dry mouth.
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