Learn About Fluoride from our Chino CA Family Dentist

Fluoride, a chemical commonly used in dental products, is one of the most abundant chemicals in the world. Not everyone, however, know about its construction and how it is applied to our everyday lives and that's what our Chino CA family dentist is here for!


In this article, we will be going through the most frequently-asked questions about fluoride.


Where do we get fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral common in many fruits and vegetables, in soil and in both salt and fresh water. The main source of fluoride is the mineral called Fluorite which is found all over the world. Fluoride is also made available synthetically using industrial processes.


How is fluoride beneficial in dental health?

Fluoride is a vital ingredient in dental care products, such as toothpastes and mouthwashes. It prevents tooth decay and keeps teeth strong and resilient to bacteria build-up. It also reverses the effects of bacteria, alleviating tooth complications.


How does fluoride prevent tooth decay?

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria feed on the remaining food deposits on teeth. In this process, they let out harmful acids that attack the tooth enamel and create cavities. Fluoride alters the chemical composition of the tooth, making it much stronger and resistant to acid attacks.


Can fluoride be infused in water?

You’ll be surprised to learn that many countries have fluoride-infused drinking water in their communities. This makes tooth decay prevention accessible not only to capable individuals and families but also to those who are lacking in preventive dental hygiene.


Is it safe to ingest more than the required dose of fluoride?

When higher concentrations of fluoride is ingested, dental fluorosis can occur. This brings us to the follow-up question…


What exactly is dental fluorosis?

Dental fluorosis is mainly a physical change in the teeth’s appearance, usually displaying tiny white specks. This occurs when a person has ingested more than enough concentrations of fluoride. This can only happen to children 8 years and below. Dental fluorosis can only happen to a small percentage of children and is not considered harmful.


Needless to say, understanding what fluoride is and how it is applied in our everyday lives is an essential part of proper dental care. If you have any further questions about fluoride, including potential flouride treatment, we encourage you to give our Chino CA family dentist a call at (909) 364-1330 and schedule a consultation to learn more about the benefits.

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