Get Your Dream Smile With Help From Our Chino CA Cosmetic Dentist!

Are you looking for a simple smile update or a major cosmetic improvement? Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the smile of your dreams! Our Chino CA dentist can work with you to custom-design your dream smile, and then we can make a treatment plan to help you make that dream a reality! Keep reading to learn more about the cosmetic dental services we offer, and find out which would be the right options for your unique smile. 
Get a White & Bright Smile with Teeth Whitening
Discoloration can happen naturally due to foods, drinks, medications, tobacco products, or even just due to aging. Teeth whitening is a simple process that can help to lift this discoloration and help you achieve a whiter & brighter smile! We currently offer two methods of teeth whitening treatments, in office professional bleaching and at home whitening kits. Both are excellent options, but they yield different results. In office bleaching uses a highly concentrated peroxide solution and a UV light to speed up the whitening process. This allows patients to lift discoloration by about 8-10 shades in as little as one hour. At home whitening kits can gradually whiten teeth over the course of about two weeks. This process uses a peroxide solution and whitening trays that are worn for about 20 minutes every night. Home whitening kits can whiten teeth by about 4-5 shades over the course of treatment, so this option is best for people with only mild discoloration. Our Chino CA cosmetic dentist can help you identify the best whitening treatment to help you reach your smile goals. 
Achieve a Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers can help repair a smile imperfection or they can help you achieve the smile you've always dreamed of. Veneers are thin, porcelain shells that are permanently attached to the surface of your teeth. They are custom-created in a dental laboratory, so you can choose the color, shape, and size you want the veneers to be. Patients can get veneers throughout their entire smile so that they can achieve a complete smile makeover, or they can get a single veneer to repair a minor smile imperfection. Veneers are a great way to enhance your natural smile or improve your smile's overall aesthetic. Many celebrities invest in porcelain veneers because they look amazing and they are extremely durable. While veneers can be quite the financial investment, they are also a permanent improvement to your smile. Porcelain can last decades without needing to be repaired or adjusted, so you'll likely have a beautiful smile for life! Ask our Chino CA cosmetic dentist for more information about porcelain veneers.
Make Minor Smile Adjustments with Dental Bonding
Bonding uses composite resin to make minor adjustments to your smile. Composite bonding is molded directly to your teeth, and it is colored to match your specific tooth shade. This cosmetic dentistry treatment is best for only minor adjustments, like covering surface scratches on the enamel or being used in addition to teeth whitening treatments. Bonding can be a substitute for veneers in some cases, and it can make a real difference when paired with whitening treatments. If you would like a smile makeover but can't commit to the financial investment of porcelain veneers, bonding can be used to improve the appearance of your smile. Bonding does not last forever, and it will likely need to be repaired after a few years of wear. Our Chino CA cosmetic dentist can help you understand if bonding would be the right option for your smile. 
Call our office to schedule your next smile consultation! You can reach our Chino CA cosmetic dentist by contacting (909) 364-1330, or by filling out a contact form directly on our site. Our team looks forward to helping you achieve a beautiful smile, so call today!
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