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A loose tooth is a normal condition for children who's primary teeth are growing in, yet for adults it's something that needs immediate attention. It's a warning signal for a possible dental problem. Everybody wants healthy teeth throughout their lifetime. Today, you'll get to know several oral health conditions that may lead to loose teeth, or even tooth loss.


1. Periodontal Disease

This disease is the most common cause as to why your tooth loosens and shifts. It not only affects your gums but also the ligaments and bones surrounding and supporting your teeth. It starts when a bacterial plaque forms on the teeth and hardens to tartar. It is usually caused by improper brushing and flossing. When the tartar forms, the gum tissue is affected which then causes the bleeding. This will then further lead to loss of bone and tissues that connect and secure your teeth in position.


2.  Pregnancy Hormones

When pregnant, progesterone and estrogen levels shoot up. It may cause the loosening of the ligaments and bone around your teeth. That is when tooth mobility happens. It is not a permanent situation, but when combined with periodontal disease, you must immediately consult with our Chino CA family dentist.


3. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can affect any gender. It is a condition wherein the bones become less dense and become prone to fracture. That means the bone density around the teeth decreases, and the person may experience loosening of teeth.


4. Traumatic Forces

If you grind your teeth during sleep, clench your jaws, or your teeth are not aligned properly, it can cause the periodontal ligament and surrounding tissue to become stretched. When this happens, you may experience loosening of teeth. Any trauma on your mouth like a fall or accident can damage your ligaments and bones around your teeth.


Tooth loosening is not a good condition. The moment you feel a loose tooth, consult our team at Bright Smile Dental Care as soon as possible. Our family dentist in Chino can devise a treatment plan for you to protect your teeth. Call our office at (909) 364-1330 today!

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