Chino, CA Children’s Dentist Shares Helpful Tips

Childhood cavities occur in many children under the age of six. The good news is that they are entirely preventable with some simple tips. Take these easy to follow steps to ensure your child has a healthy mouth.
Avoid Sugary Liquids and Food
The number one culprit is baby bottles. While they provide children with comfort, the sugar in bottles also leads to tooth decay. To avoid this, refrain from giving your babies juices or other sugary substances. Don’t ever let your child sleep with their bottle either.
As they grow up, it’s natural for children to want sugary juices and sodas. These just aren’t good for their teeth, so you might consider offering some infused water instead.
Find a Pediatric Dentist
You need a dentist that is going to be comfortable with treating your child; otherwise, there will be anxiety. Establish a relationship with the dentist early to make it easier for your child. 
Start a Routine Early
Your infant might not have teeth, but you should still clean their mouths. Just use a fresh, clean cloth that’s damp and gently rub their gums after feeding. You aren’t just setting them up for regular dental care but you are improving the quality of their gums.
Brush and Floss Together
If you want your children to enjoy caring for their teeth, consider doing it together. By watching you have a healthy routine, it will encourage them to do the same. This way, everyone is also accountable
Eat a Healthy Diet
You must watch what goes into your mouth if you want healthy teeth. Build a diet of fruits, vegetables and dairy so your child has everything they need. The high fiber content cleans their teeth while the calcium in dairy builds your child’s strong tooth enamel. 
Take the steps you can now to ensure that your children grow up with strong, healthy teeth. Brush twice a day and teach them to floss. Then, make sure they visit the dentist at least twice a year for their regular checkups. By working together with your Chino, CA chidlren's dentist, you can ensure a healthy and happy mouth for years to come. 
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