Family Dentist in Chino CA offers Root Canal Therapy

If you are experiencing extreme teeth pain, a visit to the dentist will be helpful to apply an immediate remedy on it. Dentists have the capacity to tell what kind of dental procedure is needed to stop teeth pain. They may even recommend a root canal. A root canal is a procedure done where the nerve of the tooth and the pulp is removed and then sealed to protect against damage.


What is a Root Canal?

The root canal specifically contains the nerves and blood vessels. The nerves found in our teeth serve as sensors for heat, cold, and others. To be able to treat extreme teeth pain which is mostly due to infection or decay, dentists needs to remove the nerve of the infected tooth. However, not all teeth pain may indicate a need for a root canal. Most of the time, severe signs of infection are the ones that need the procedure.


Now, what are the symptoms of a root canal?


1.    Extreme teeth pain, especially when eating or when pressure is applied on the area

2.    Excessive sensitivity to hot or cold stimuli which causes extreme teeth pain

3.    Finding a small bump usually on the gum area of the teeth in pain

4.    Discoloration of the tooth (tooth color may darken)

5.    Swelling of the gum area of the teeth in pain.



How is Root Canal Done?


·         Dentists usually do x-ray procedures to assess the status of your teeth and how much it has been infected.

·         During the procedure, dentists apply a local anesthesia to numb the area and avoid pain while the procedure is ongoing.

·         The crown of the tooth is usually opened using special tools. The dentist will then remove the decayed pulp.

·         Some dentists may opt to leave your tooth open to fully drain infected materials.

·         After several days, your dentist will fill the center of your tooth a special filling and do other tooth restoration procedures to protect and guard your teeth.



Be sure to be obedient enough to your dentist’s recommendations after the procedure. It is best to be extra careful with our teeth at all times. 

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