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Typically, the natural color of a tooth is somewhere within a light grey to off-white. Over time, teeth naturally darken which can also be affected by the accumulation of surface stains. Certain lifestyle choices, such as drinking coffee, smoking and the consumption of certain food, also contribute to the discoloration and staining of your teeth.  Although teeth are not naturally completely white, many people these days want a whiter and brighter smile, which is available at Bright Smile Dental Care from our Chino CA teeth whitening options.
Surface Whiteners 
These are products that use an abrasive to remove stains on the surface of a tooth. Most of the products in this category are either whitening toothpastes or chewing gum that claims to help whiten your teeth. The abrasive used in these products is much finer than what is used in regular toothpaste and is therefore unlikely to cause any excessive wear on the tooth’s surface. 
The effectiveness of these products is, however, limited to cleaning surface stains and does not replace professional cleanings from your dentist or hygienist.
Most of these “bleaching” products are peroxide-based and can alter the color of the tooth itself. The only problem is that not all discolorations will respond to the same type of bleach treatment. It is important to consult with Dr. Bhandari if you are thinking about tooth-bleaching; we're here to help you determine the cause of the discoloration and whether the treatment will have the desired result. 
There are two different techniques that we use when whitening your teeth with a bleach treatment.
Vital Bleaching – This is performed on “living” teeth and helps whiten your teeth when they are stained due to age, food or tobacco use.
Non-vital Bleaching – Is the process performed on teeth that have changed color due to a root canal. This method can lighten the color of your tooth from the inside out. 
If you are in need of Chino CA teeth whitening, call our office today! Bright Smile Dental Care can be reached at (909) 364-1330.
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