Should you pull it or leave it alone? That’s the question many parents end up asking when their child has a wiggly tooth that won’t come out.

When Will the Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Most children begin to lose their baby teeth around the age of six. This varies, so don’t be surprised if it is earlier or later. The roots of the primary teeth dissolve, making way for the permanent teeth to arrive. The first baby teeth they received will most likely be the first they lose as well.

After the baby teeth fall out, ridges make their appearance in the gum line. This shows that the new teeth are on their way. Occasionally, the permanent teeth appear before the baby tooth leaves its home. This is rarely a worry, but your dentist is happy to take a look at it if it concerns you.

On average, a child will lose three to four baby teeth each year. Then, by the time they are around twelve, all of the primary teeth are gone.

Other Reasons a Tooth Might be Loose

There are some other reasons your child’s tooth might be loose. Here are the most common:

  • Play or sports injury
  • Gum disease
  • Teeth grinding

If your child’s tooth is loose for reasons other than a baby tooth, your dentist must take a look at it. Call and make an appointment for a consultation.

Don’t Yank

Forcefully extracting a tooth is not the answer. Don’t connect that string to the doorknob because this can damage your child’s mouth. Not only is pulling out a tooth bloody and painful, but it puts your child at risk for infection.

Instead, exhibit patience and wait for it to come out. Kids can wiggle it with their tongue if they wish. If they accidentally swallow the tooth, don’t worry. It should pass right through their body. If you have more questions, be sure to talk to Chino CA Family Dentist.

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