Chino, CA Children’s Dentist Discusses Pediatric Dentistry

A Pediatric Dentist is a dentist who specializes in the oral health of children. While a general dentist can also provide excellent oral health care to children and adolescents, a Pediatric Dentist has an additional 2-3 years in specialty training and limits their practice to only children. Many pediatric dentist offices are colorful, child friendly and inviting places. These offices are also trained on treating children with special health care needs. 
When Should My Child See A Pediatric Dentist?
Pediatric dentists recommend that you bring your child in for their first check up as soon as their first tooth erupts. This could be as yearly as 4 months old, but most children establish a Pediatric dentist around their first birthday. 
Some people think that because they are just baby teeth, they don't matter. They are going to fall out anyways right? This misconception can increase your child's risk of oral health issues. Baby teeth can get cavities, suffer from decay that leads to gingivitis, and also help children to speak correctly and chew naturally. If a child's teeth are not aligned properly, they are at risk for adult teeth coming in crooked due to the path they are following from the baby teeth. 
Taking Care of Baby Teeth At Home
Many children enjoy the story of the tooth fairy and being able to get rewarded for their teeth. These things help children to not be afraid of their teeth falling out. If your child loses a tooth, put it under their pillow that night. 
If your child is complaining of a toothache, you can use a cold compress on the side of their mouth the ache is coming from. You can also you Tylenol for pain. Avoid ibuprofen as this is a blood thinner and could cause bleeding in the mouth to take longer to clot if they are having issues with a bleeding tooth or gums. 
If your child breaks a tooth, or an adult tooth falls out, save the tooth in a cup or baggy of milk. The container needs to have a lid and be air tight. Call your dentist right away, especially if the tooth loss is from trauma. Many times, if the tooth is recovered it can be bonded back on in a simple procedure. 
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