This type of oral disease is a hard one to deal with. This disease is aggressive, painful, and irreversible. It is also commonly called periodontitis. To understand what it can do, one must understand how it happens first, so that you know how to prevent it. And you certainly want to prevent it. Periodontitis is a later stage in the oral decay process. When your mouth has buildup of plaque, tartar, and old food, your gums surrounding your teeth begin to swell and cause infection. This stage is called gingivitis. This stage is completely reversible with the help of a dentist. What comes after gingivitis has set in and has festered is periodontitis. This is the point of no return. This is when your teeth begin rotting and decaying. Cavities will become large and numerous. Soon after, the entire tooth will be consumed, and will eventually fall out. In most cases, the entire mouth will be affected by this, some parts more than others. Only a dentist can help you from that point. Only major fixes will be necessary to treat periodontal disease. 
How to Treat Periodontal Disease
As said before, a dentist is the only help you can receive at this stage in the oral decay process. Your dentist will analyze your mouth to figure out the best course of action. Your dentist will take x-rays, molds, and physically look at your teeth and then decide the best course of action. They will recommend what is best for your oral wellness in its current state. You can know that the conversation with your dentist will be about pulling rotted teeth, fixing ones that can be fixed, or possibly even dentures. This will all depend on your age and stage of the disease’s development. 
Every situation will be different. It will largely depend on how bad the disease has gotten. Whatever the case may be, you have options, and your dentist will work with you to ensure that it does not progress any further. If you have any of the symptoms of periodontal disease, make an appointment with your Rialto, CA family dentist, because letting it get worse could be life-altering. 
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